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Umbrella Insurance

from RSI Agency, Inc

Additional Liability

Personal umbrella coverage provides additional layers of liability after the liability limits on home, car or other policies have been reached. This type of insurance can protect you from personal loss if your teenage driver causes an accident that totals an expensive classic automobile. It may also help if your dog bites a visitor to your home, resulting in high medical bills, or if a fire in your home spreads to a neighbor’s garage.

Broad Additional Coverage

Many umbrella policies also pay certain claims exempted from other personal insurance policies. Your umbrella insurance will cover you as well as any other family members living in your home, and the liability protection reaches anywhere in the world. In many cases, this type of insurance will even cover legal defense fees.

More Details About Umbrella Insurance

Personal umbrella policies from RSI Agency, Inc start at an additional $1 million in coverage, and higher amounts are also available. In addition to protecting you with extra liability coverage, umbrella insurance may help to protect personal assets. These policies are ideal for discerning customers of RSI Agency, Inc who own expensive homes, drive or collect classic vehicles, or enjoy many other fine things in life. Personal umbrella insurance is a way to protect your way of life.

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